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I'm Julie. Occupational Therapist.
Lactation Counselor. Mom.


I have experience supporting families with common challenges including shallow latch, pumping, bottle feeding, engorgement, oversupply, low supply, supplementation, plugged ducts, mastitis, slow growth, breastfeeding the older infant and toddler, weaning, introducing solids, newborn and infant development, maternal mental health, and more.

In-Home Lactation Support

I offer in-home consultations to ensure that you and your baby receive the best possible lactation support in the comfort of your own home. I will work with you to optimize breastfeeding, while holistically considering the whole family's wellness during the fourth trimester. 

Virtual and Messaging Support

For families outside of Atlanta, or locals who prefer virtual support, I offer HIPAA compliant video appointments. I also offer email and messaging-only services for families who are not having major issues with breastfeeding, but would benefit from a professional to provide empathetic and evidence-based support for minor common questions.


I offer a prenatal breastfeeding class for expecting families to learn the basics of breastfeeding prior to birth. Classes are offered as a self-paced course, periodically in a live virtual group setting and by appointment as one-to-one in-home or virtual settings.


Lactation and infant feeding support with your overall wellness and adaptation to new roles and routines in mind

Breastfeeding is complicated. It's natural, but it doesn't always come naturally. I believe that every parent is the expert of their own baby.  There is not one best way to feed your baby because every baby is different and every family is different. I bring together evidence based education, your family's values, and empathy to help you reach your feeding goals.

Currently offering in-person services inside the Atlanta perimeter, based out of Decatur & West Midtown. Virtual and messaging support services available wherever you are.


What clients are saying:

Julie has been such a wonderful resource throughout my breastfeeding journey. When I was pregnant and very nervous about breastfeeding, Julie took me through step by step how to prepare for nursing in those early days (and nights) with a newborn. I’ve made it six months breastfeeding now and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. I’m grateful for the supportive team that has guided me and my baby on this journey. I recently took the “breastfeeding your older baby” pilot class and found it so useful and timely for the 4-6 month stage. Just when you think you finally have things figured out as a new mom, it’s time to start solids! This class helped me envision my long term and short term nursing goals and create a better vision of what the second half of my daughter’s first year will look like. I appreciate the ongoing insight and support. Julie takes an individualized approach to meet the needs of each mom and baby!



(770) 765-3354

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